Monthly Archives: September 2005

Triumph Spitfire 20th anniversary of ownership

Active member Francis Mena did a noble thing and invited everyone for drinks and snacks to celebrate the 20th year of ownership of his Triumph Spitfire, which he restored himself.
(Pssssst! Francis if you’re reading this you owe us the 25th anniversary drinks too… )


Classic Car Meeting September 2005 – Mini Rally

Times were bleak for the GCVA. Monthly meetings at the supermarket carpark were being made more and more difficult by the management there. Lack of premises meant committee level meetings were getting rarer and more informal and due to major committee level changes and the disruption that was brought about due to that and other factors, an annual rally did not happen in May of 2005. This led to a lot of enquiries from various clubs from around the area who were very much looking forward to such an event, so much so, that the GCVA put on a smaller version in September 2005 with the usual gathering at Casemates and lunch at the Mediterranean Rowing Club.