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Useful Documents to download, like membership application forms etc…

Membership Applications now online ONLY!

After many years of manual paper applications, we’ve caught up with the 21st century and now we are pleased to say, all Membership Applications are now ONLY online.

To apply to become a member or to re-join, please complete the appropriate form at the link below. You application will be quickly considered by the committee.


NEW Members:

LAPSED (re-joining) Members:


Annual membership is 25.00 GBP with a 5.00 GBP joining/re-joining fee. Membership runs from 01st  January – 31st December. 


If your application is approved, you can either come back to this page, or follow the instructions sent to you via your email, by using this second link below, we will collect payment details to automatically set up your membership subscription via direct debit.


Once we have verified that you have set up the payment, you will receive an email confirming your membership, Where your membership number will be assigned to you and we will post you your membership card.


Best Regards,
The GCVA Committee



GBZ archives

Here are links to some of the early GBZ club magazine publications – sadly not all there. The history of this publication was that it was began by the first President John Ferrary and end edited by him, then for a while it was edited by David Risso, with content from Stefan Nicholson the incoming president when John Ferrary’s presidency ended, and for a while became one-page infomative club news which was taken over by John Ritchie at the time – It was distributed by post and then email and eventually it evolved and it got replaced by our facebook page and this website…! How times change even for old classics….

GBZ1     GBZ2      GBZ3      GBZ4      GBZ5      GBZ6      GBZ7      GBZ8      GBZ9      GBZ10      GBZ11      GBZ12      GBZ13      GBZ14      GBZ15      GBZ17      GBZ18

You can also see them all here in an easy to read format:

Other useful documents…

Application for a motor vehicle licence: Application_for_a_motor_vehicle_licence

Application of change of possession of motor vehicles: Application_for_the_Change_of_Possession_of_a_Motor_Vehicle

Application for examination, or re-examination of a motor vehicle or trailer: Application_for_examination_or_re-examination_of_a_motor_vehicle_or_trailer (MOT form)

Disclaimer: These documents are taken from the Gibratlar Government website, Driver and Vehicle licensing Dept. section and may be out of date or incorrect. They are only for the use of Gibraltar registered vehicles and those whose intentions are to register a vehicle in Gibraltar.