Hector Capurro with his collection

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  1. Hi Hector, in 1974 Icame to Gibraltar as a teacher at St Christopher’s. I used to spend the odd 15 mins with you having a cup of tea on your boat and spending the time of day on a regular basis. Once we went to Malaga and Hose Banus (Carol, myself and you with your wife and family) and spent a lovely weekend there. I had a rather rusted Fiat 124 Sport which you attacked with a pot of red paint – not car paint, probably boat or wall paint – because you thought it would look better!

    I’ve thought about you often. And wondered how you are. I have now been married for 36 years, have four children and three grand children. I am still very active , walked the Camino to Santiago this summer, do the equivalent of a marathon each week and swim a few kilometres. However I a also 61 so no spring chicken.

    Hope this fins you well. Do get in touh

    Susan Aitken nee Shepherd

  2. Roger Redford

    Hi there. I recently bought an Austin 7 which belonged to Hector not too long ago. I would like to contact him about it for a bit of the history of the car, and wondered if you could pass on my details to him? I don’t do the whole Facebook thing…
    Many thanks

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