Established 2001

Current Committee:

Patrick Francis (President )
Stefan Nicholson
John Alcantara
Neil Hall
Patrick Francis 
David Risso (Membership)
John Tewkesbury (Secretary)
Joe Saldiva
Tom Kirrage


Club Room 1.06,
etention Block,
Lathbury Barracks,

Directions from the border/Airport here: GCVAclubhousedirections

E-mail: committeegcva@gmail.com


Website design and maintenance: David Risso (c) 2013 to present

  1. I would like to join the classic car club and also speak to somebody about specialist insurance. Kind regards, Jayne Jackson

  2. Ronald Vickers

    Hi, were have 8 years gone when we drove to Gibraltar for your 300th anniversary in our Cortinas, I have just found a note from M Golt during our house move to look out for a Classic Capri on our return home but I suppose he must have found one by now, all the best we may one day drive to see you all again. Ron. 1966 MK1 Cortina 1500GT Crayford Convertible KRA 33D.

  3. Hi, when is your next meeting? Thanks

  4. hi guys, how old does the car have to be in order to be featured in your rallies? i’ve got a 1998 BMW Z3 and was thinking of taking it down to one of your meets.

    • Hi Wesley,

      we have a meeting this sunday 5th October at Casemates Square you’re very welcome to come along
      as for the anual rally – cars have to be vintage @ 30 years old or more or based on a design that has that age.

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