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11th International Gibraltar Classic Vehicle Rally 2013

Photos Courtesy Howard Danino + other members

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Video coverage of this year’s Rally

Excellent coverage by of the 2013 Rally (plenty of photos on our Facebook page so here’s some video for a change):

Other useful documents…

Application for a motor vehicle licence: Application_for_a_motor_vehicle_licence

Application of change of possession of motor vehicles: Application_for_the_Change_of_Possession_of_a_Motor_Vehicle

Application for examination, or re-examination of a motor vehicle or trailer: Application_for_examination_or_re-examination_of_a_motor_vehicle_or_trailer (MOT form)

Disclaimer: These documents are taken from the Gibratlar Government website, Driver and Vehicle licensing Dept. section and may be out of date or incorrect. They are only for the use of Gibraltar registered vehicles and those whose intentions are to register a vehicle in Gibraltar.