AGM 2013

The AGM will take place this year on 7th November at the clubhouse.

Members elected to serve on the committee will not serve more than three consecutive years on the committee in any one post. In the case when no other person is found to fill a vacant post, an extension of one year can be granted until another suitable candidate can be found.

This is Item 6J of our constitution.

This year is the third year in which I have been President of our Association. In those three years I have tried my very best to make the Association better.  The time has now come for me to leave the post to someone else.

However, if enough people feel that they want me to stay I am quite willing to offer my services for one more year. It is really up to you, the members to have your say. I will not take offence either way. If you feel that you have had enough of me and want me to go I will not take offence but if on the other hand you want me to stay one more year I will only be too happy to stay.

For the sake of being able to plan ahead I would ask you to send your vote or thoughts to the Vice President, John Alcantara at his email address:

No matter what your decision is I would like to thank the membership for the support you have given me in the last three years. I thank you for having put up with my ranting but sometimes it has to be done. I assure you that I have given you my best at all times and hopefully leave the club in a better state.

Thank you everyone.

Howard Danino


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