…From The President

Hi boys and girls here we are back again after the break. Few things that I need to bring to your notice.

First and foremost membership renewal: Most of you have now done this but some of you may have forgotten. This is your chance to do so. Remember if you have not done so by the end of January you will be taken of our members list. This would mean that you would no longer be entitled to members discounts and other privileges.

Upcoming EventsSaturday 1st February 2014 Exhibition of cars at John Mackintosh Square (The Piazza) This will be our first event of 2014. We have all had a longish break and I hope to see many of you at this event. So Exhibition of Classic Vehicles at John Macintosh Sq. On Saturday 1st February from 09.00 to 14.00 hours. Entry to JMS will be down Cloister Ramp and Irish Town.

The new draft legislation is now finished and you can download a copy from our Facebook page or Here:

Motor Vehicles Test Regulations 1

Traffic (Licensing and Registration) Regs

Please direct your comments to us via email. Do not post it on Facebook. Remember this has take 12 years to bring to light so we have decide to accept it as is. Changes can be made at a later date. The important factor is that Classic Cars are now officially recognised in Gibraltar. We now have to wait for the legislation to be passed in Parliament which we hope will not be long.

The Transport Museum will be finished last February or early April. We now have a set of plans and will be working out how many cars we shall be able to display. Your committee will be discussing this at our next meet but any suggestions from the membership would be most welcome. We need to find ways to make this pay for itself.

Finally, we have applied for membership of the FIVA . This is the World Association for Classic and Vintage Cars. Further news on this will be publish when we receive answers from them.

See as many of you as possible on Saturday 1st February at John Macintosh Sq!



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